Tuesday, 6 December 2016

John key resignation

WALT: write what we think about john key resignation as prime minister

this is some work on what  think about john key resignation to that prime minister  of New Zealand and what he did good to New Zealand THANKS FOR READING

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas songs

WALT: To research celebracion facts about christmas

These are my songs that i thoughts for the chirstmas task that had to do

Friday, 2 December 2016

Black Gold

WALT: We are learning about events that happen around the world.
In the billion-dollar human hair trade, ponytails are cut from women in the East and sold to women of the West Black Gold Link

I think that this article is sad to me  because people like gang members go and cut peoples hair for money and others cut from the east and sell it to people over the on the west but i think the reason why they do this is because they might have a sickness and lost most of there hair so people cut there hair and sell it to make toys for kids that why you see on a lot of toys and i don't think that kid that got her cut she doesn't look like  she wants to do it  because she has nice here and she will look ugly.

I think the other purpose of this is trying to get other people to sell it but i don't think that should  because there proble want there and look nice like they're friends but there mum and dad will just want the money but maybe there might be something behind this maybe there mum and dad are poor and they need the money to buy the little girl some food or they don't have anywhere to stay and they have a whole family to feed but i don't get they use them for toys like there might be people out there that need the hair a plus the toy will just go to waste  any ways like they will end up throwing away someone's hair i just think that other people need it.
Image result for little girl toys
I think this because they using people's hair just for these toys that just go to waste because like sometimes i all way see these toys that have hair on it now i know where the hair comes from i thought that all the this hair on toys all this time i thought it was fake but when i read about it was people's hair that they cut off did you know that 80% of the hair that is fake comes  from little girls from china that use these just on toys.

i don't think that we can do anything about this  because they dont know what they have started if they take away the toys then people might get angry coz there kids might want the little baby toys but to sell your hair you have to have straight hair they only take certain hair like the lady that sell hair know one buys from her  because she only has indian hair not cinese

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Guy fawkes

WALT: Write about the calibration that we have in life

I like Guy Fawkes is cool because of the noises and the boom in of the fire work when you light it i also like making things the blow up like this year i put some fire work in a bottle then it blow up  


WALT: write a reflection about the article about the earthquake that was a 7.5e

this i about the kiwi rail had been split apart in kaikorai  on monday the quake was about 7.5 there was all so one here in auckland that we felt from kaikorai TANKS FOR READING

Sexism in sport

WALT: Reflect on the text
this is just what i think about sexism in sports that men play like rugby and meany more i think that women should be able to play rugby coz when you think about it some girl from this school was better then a boy i think that they are very good at sports that men play to THANKS FOR READING :)

Friday, 11 November 2016

My weekend

WALT: get 15 blog post

this is what i did in the weekends hope you enjoy my work THANKS FOR READING :(